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Studies about Childcare in India's Garment factories released

FEMNET cooperates with Cividep in India on the issue of childcare in India's Garment Industry.
Cividep recently published the following documents:

  • Needs Assessment for Childcare Facilities in Bangalore's Garment Industry (2015)
  • Model for factory / Community Crèches and Training for Personnel (2015)
  • Early Childhood Care in Bangalore’s Garment Industry - A Multi-stakeholder Consultation (2015)
  • Taking Care of Business - Childcare in bangalore's Apparel Industries, 2012

We offer all of them as pdf-downloads.

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Better Brands, Better Production?

Digital Development Debates (DDD) has just released its new issue! Issue #15 sets focus on the topic of “responsibility”.

Gisela Burckhardt published her latest artcile in that issue:

screenshot dddBetter Brands, Better Production?

Ever since the tragedy of Rana Plaza, poor working conditions have increased in visibility. But do the huge labels really keep their fair production promises?

High-Class Labels, Cheap Fashion – what has happened since Rana Plaza?

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Women garment workers organize against inhumane conditions in India

Report on GLU 2015

Price does not guarantee fairness

By Gisela Burckhardt first published in

Many people buying a branded fashion garment think that the higher price they pay means a better‑quality product and better working conditions for those who made it. Sadly, they are generally wrong: just like discounters, expensive fashion labels have products made in poor conditions.

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Graphic booklet (Eu) ropa

Booklet  (EU)ropaThe graphic booklet (Eu) ropa is written and drawn by the italian writer and cartoonist Franco Sacchetti in collaboration with Clean Clothes Campaign. Eu) ropa is an artistic project of Insomnia Company, supported by Iberescena and Electa Creative Arts, a cross-media investigation dedicated to clothes and what lies behind their production.

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